The team of the association “Model African Union Bayreuth e.V” consists of all its active members.
In the General Assembly, which normally takes place at least once a year, it will be voted upon the Executive Board.

The Executive Board is held responsible for the operative management of the association, organizes the recruitment of the Secretariat of the BAYMAUs (Bayern Model African Union Conferences) and is composed of:

1. The President
2. The Vice-President
3. The First Secretary
4. The Second Secretary
5. The Treasurer

Besides the Executive Board there are three different Departments: Finance Department, Education Department and Culture Department. Each Department is optimally managed by two Department Heads.

Additionally, the association has its members who work in different Departments and its honorary members who support the work of the association ideally.

A detailed description of the working structure and the processes ruling the association “Model African Union Bayreuth e.V”can be found in the Charter of the Association.