Our Concept

This conference shall only serve you, the participants and your education. As delegate or chair you will have the privilege of being educated in Africa related topics of economy, politics, culture and society. We invite you to join us in the authentic, interactive, friendly and dynamic occasion of a Model African Union Conference that we created for you.

1st step: Preparation

The chairs of your committee will prepare a study guide on the committee topics for you. Read it and gain other knowledge with official UN and AU documents and resolutions, newspaper articles, academic research reports, etc. Focus both on the topic itself (history, concerned countries, consequences, possible solutions) and the position of the country that you have the chance to represent.


2nd step: The conference

In this simulation of an African Union Conference participants are able to discuss the topics they prepared as a delegate of an African country with other delegates in one of the eight committees. Participants will get a really good overview of what the governments´ values and opinions of the different countries are. In addition to the debate there will be four workshops (eight if you participate in the pre-programme) of which one will be on your committee topics. The rest will cover other very interesting and relevant Africa-related topics.

In order to make this conference experience complete, we included cultural social events where you can experience African culture in a warm and relaxed atmosphere. There you can also socialise with other participants. The secretariat was looking for the perfect venues, the best African musicians and a diverse catering supply. Let us have a great time!


3rd step: The follow-up

Like the last conference in April did, this conference will inspire you and give you reason to further engage in African topics: Start your own research, read relevant literature, do internships, inform and inspire other student at your home university and continue with other conferences. This conference won´t make you to experts on anything but it will make you aware of issues, methods and perspectives you didn´t know before and you will want to continue on that. At least, that´s our vision.