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During the BAYMAU19 Conference, the artist Mduduzi Khumalo created an open art Space based on photographs he took while the BAYMAU18 Conference. Conceptualized as an intersectional work, the aim was to create off and open spaces in the institution of the University of Bayreuth, in which questions of institutional access could be discussed. Next to the Open art Space, Mduduzi Khumalo offered the Workshop “Center of Utopias”, one of many modules in the ongoing series of Mduduzi Khumalos documentary series „Awareness – A multiplier educational tool, institutional criticism of power and application work“ which was launched in 2016 and is still ongoing. In this workshop, the focus was on un*learning from each other from the perspective of the diaspora and Africa including the topics utopia and participation, as well as the role of an international Solidarity Community, which could, for instance, assist in enabling local level elections for all reported citizens. Therefore, questions on how the African Union countries could stand up for the diaspora through the agenda 2063 which he visualised next to the Sustainable Development Goals have been discussed during the Workshop. Art is explored as good practice for participation and institutional access for all.

About the Artist

Mduduzi Khumalo


Mduduzi Khumalo is a performer and activist of global learning, co-founder of the integration theater „Afrikabaret – Backpackers Company“.

He has experienced in various phases of his life, that as a Black man one often feels excessively observed and controlled. Therefore, he decided to use his life experiences, namely the expericence of a Black man in a white society, to deal with several types of suppression that often are structurally hidden.

Since 2016 he has visualized performative, in*visible art that shows the confrontation with boundaries in various projects as a un*learning tool.

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