Our association is open to everyone (not only students) who is interested in Africa or would like to attain a deeper picture of the continent and its challenges. Do not feel deterred to join us because the majority of our members are students – everyone is welcome.

How can I become a part of MAU Bayreuth?

Interested persons can take part in our activities on a punctually or continuous basis. In partic-ular we are seeking for people who assist us to organize the conference, including: fundraising, public relations, cooperation/partnerships, education, sports and culture as well as the develop-ment and updating of our website.

To join MAU previous knowledge is not required: Through participating in the association one acquires organizational, teamwork and content regarding capacities. Nevertheless, you are wel-come to share your experience from various areas.

How often do you meet? And how one can join?

Until now we do not hold meetings on a specific day and in a particular location. We plan to meet every two weeks – the date and the location will be announced here, soon.

Official Meetings: Mondays,  6 p.m., room S7 of the GW2 building, University of Bayreuth.