The association Model African Union Bayreuth e.V. organizes and hosts an annual MAU conference with well-grounded content regarding and fascinating debates. Apart from that we arrange cultural and educational events throughout the year.

The Africa focus of the University of Bayreuth offers an especially rich background for the MAU Bayreuth: Several Africa focused courses of studies, a large number of students and PhD candidates with African origin, a library equipped with numerous scientific publications concerning Africa and many Africa focused research projects. Additionally, the municipality of Bayreuth offers regular cultural events with regard to Africa, for instance the annual Africa Film Festival in the Cineplex cinema or the diversified events in the areas of African art, music and culture in the Iwalewahaus Bayreuth. Because of that diverse and supportive environment Bayreuth is the ideal location for the First German Model African Union.

As we still are a newly established association we just recently started to develop cooperation with potential partners. So far, we are supported by the University of Bayreuth, the student parliament and the Bayreuth International Graduate School of African Studies.