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Frankfurt am Main – Bayreuth


Go by Bus


Duration: about 4 ½ – 6 hours

Price per person: 14-20 €*

For more information and booking:


-> This is the easiest way to reach Bayreuth. You can drive from the airport Frankfurt directly to Bayreuth. Just book “Frankfurt Airport” to “Bayreuth central train station”. (Attention: some connections are more expensive than others, and some will have a transfer, the cheaper connections will drive only two times a day)


Go by train

You can choose between two possibilities, if you are a single person:

ICE (Intercity Express)


the fastest way: about 3-4 hours

When you book a ticket very early, it is not very expensive: 35-60 € per person (2nd class)*


Is expensive if you didn´t/couldn´t book a ticket early: 60-80 € (2nd class)*

Only local transport RE/RB (Regional-Express, Regional Train)


Can be cheaper than ICE

Here the information about the Day Ticket for Germany:

Costs for a single person: 44€*


Munich – Bayreuth

Here you can buy the cheaper Regional Day Ticket for Bavaria:

Price for a single person: 25€*


Last longer: about 4 ½ – 5 ½ hours + more interchanges

You can choose between these possibilities, if you are a number of people:

2-5 persons: depending on the day, you can choose between the Day Ticket for Germany or the Weekend Ticket:

The more persons you are the cheaper it is:

Day ticket for Germany: 15 € per person if you are 5 persons*

Weekend Ticket: 12 € per person if you are 5 persons*

Only local traffics RE/RB

Price: 9,80€ per person if you are 5 persons*

More than 5 persons: you can book here a Group Ticket:

Price: about 15 € per person, incl ICE*

Here you can look for a connection:


At Bayreuth:


Someone will await you. Please, send our admissions team the necessary information about your arrival.


* no responsibility can be taken for the correctness of this information