The Model African Union is a simulation of the African Union for high school and university students, while the simulation includes all political processes of the African Union. During a MAU conference, the participants have the opportunity to act as a delegate of one of the 54 African countries, and as a result, to learn in an authentic conference about the functioning of transnational political processes in Africa. The aim of such conferences is to give the participants an overview on the working modes, difficulties and potential of the African Union, and if applicable to finds criticisable aspects. In addition, the MAU aims to show Africa in a differentiated way and to function as a platform to discuss, especially rather neglected topics, concerning Africa.

The Model African Union is based on the Model United Nations (MUN), a simulation of the United Nations, while many participants of MAU conferences firstly gained experience in the MUN. MAU simulations are already offered in several countries, including France, Ghana, UK and USA. The MAU is a concept that recently becomes more popular, and thus, is offered in an increasing number of countries.