We are happy and proud to announce the fourth edition of the Model African Union Bayreuth Conference (BAYMAU19) for the next summer. Between the 7th and the 11th of June, we warmly invite you to the University of Bayreuth where a fruitful exchange through various workshops and discussions is awaiting the participants again.

This year’s conference will be organized under the theme “Africa in motion – Visions of Mobility, Identities and Citizenship” including topics of utmost relevance for present and future policies, processes and innovations.

The conference is not limited to its main part, the simulation of the African Union. There will be a rich framework programme full of cultural and informative activities. With countless workshops like singing or dancing workshops, lectures, a movie night and a panel discussion we aim for a well-balanced event.

In overall, the conference’s aim is to bring people of different backgrounds together to exchange their opinions, experiences and ideas and especially to learn from each other. This event offers the chance to broaden one’s horizon and to obtain knowledge about the African continent. Furthermore, it trains to lead discussions, to negotiate, to compromise and in the end to present a joint resolution which will be sent to the official African Union.