Association Team 2021/2022

The Management Board

1st President Luena

Since autumn 2021 Luena Ricardo is the 1st President of Model African Union Bayreuth e.V. She has been a member of the association since 2019, when she attended the annual conference and became acquainted with MAU Bayreuth’s values and goals. During the online event in 2021 she served as the Technical Workshops Commissioner. She holds a Master’s degree in International Economics, Business, and Cultural Diplomacy from Furtwangen University in Germany, as well as a Bachelor of Laws from the Pontifical Catholic University of Minas Gerais in Brazil. As a Community Engagement Specialist, she is always looking for new ways to connect with people and promote meaningful projects that contribute to social development. She is thrilled to be able to contribute to the organization’s growth and to promote African-related discussions in the academic setting.


M.A International Economics, Business and Cultural Diplomacy
2nd President Edidiong

“Africa is home for me.” Edidiong feels obligated to represent Africas concerns and loves to share the beauties of the continent with the world. Her main interests are in gender and women’s issues. She hopes that she can shine some light on the possibilities that exist for women in/from Africa, and why they should not be hindered (in any way) from attaining these. MAU is one way to do so.


European Interdisciplinary Master African Studies (EIMAS)
2nd Secretary Numaira

As a Pakistani student of Intercultural Anglophone Studies @ University of Bayreuth, she has been fortunate to get to know Africa through literature. She appreciates their people and a rich culture of art, writing and music. She is also linked with a project on “African Re Source of and African Knowledge in Shakespeare Drama”. Being a Secretary of MAU, I am keen to work along with my team for this remarkable platform to learn and participate, to speak, to write and to come forward to get connected with “Africa”.


Masters student in Intercultural Anglophone Studies
1st Secretary Kibouni

Joining the BAYMAU team is an opportunity for him as well as a challenge. It’s an opportunity to diversify his experiences and to practice prior skills. It is also a challenge because it is all about taking on responsibilities and starting to bring about the changes we want to see accomplished in our societies together with other engaged people.


PhD candidate in Intercultural German Studies
Treasurer Viktoria

As a Student majoring in Social and Cultural Anthropology she likes to face different situations on a global perspective. Through her work with MAU she is excited to learn more about the African continent and it’s politics and hopes to spread more togetherness and to break down barriers between people.


Bachelor student in Social and Cultural Anthropology
Head of Education Alassane

Alassane is a Panafrican activist from Senegal West Africa. He organised several times the Great March for the United States of Africa and for one currency (elimination of the West African currency Franc CFA).

He did his bachelor studies in order to become an interpreter in English, Spanish and French at the Foreign Languages applied department of the University of Zinguichor (Senegal). The studies also contain substantial cultural background information about the respective languages.

Now he does studies in international relations autodidactly at the Cheikh Anta Diop University of Dakar.

Head of Education

Studies at the Foreign Languages Applied Departement (B.A. level)
Auditor Michelle

Michelle was part of Model African Union Bayreuth right from the very start. At first there were just a bunch of people who wanted to discuss African related topics and show a different picture of Africa from what we see on TV, people who wanted to change something. Michelle took the opportunity to work with committed and interesting people. For her, MAU is a small piece of the change we need for a better future: To start a discussion, to overthink the past, to create common ideas for the future and to have a vision. To get together with a lot of creative heads and work on different projects is what she really enjoys. Model African Union Bayreuth and especially the Conference, once a year, is a possibility to do so. That’s why she started to get in and still is.


Masters student in Sociology
Head of Culture Flora

Flora is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in international economics and development. Her brought interest in socio-political and economic topics has brought her to join MAU in 2020. For her, MAU is a safe space to get together with people from diverse backgrounds in order to have discussions, learn and exchange ideas on topics related to the African continent.

Head of Culture

Bachelor Student in International Economics and Governance
Head of IT Jan

Jan initially joined the association in the end of 2016 to try something new and laid the groundwork for the structure and design the website still has today, but with time his main focus shifted to video editing. Beeing very passionate about music esp. singing, he organised cooperations with the Swahili Choir Bayreuth for serveral conferences. We also enjoyed having him once as our African Dance Hall DJ for BayMAU in Glashaus (2018). He is not only an extrovert but a thoughtful person, who loves to put a smile on peoples faces.

Head of IT

Bachelor Student in Media Studies & Media Practice