BAYMAU21 Digital Conference

June 3-6 2021

BAYMAU21 Conference

The theme of this year’s Model African Union Conference “Made in Africa. Innovations, Concepts and Solutions for the Challenges of our Time” is to be the foundation of a progressive portrait of the African continent. Based on this foundation, topics will be discussed, workshops will be designed and lectures will be held that far from media overrepresented narratives of conflicts and poverty, will illuminate innovative, creative and emancipatory facets of this plural continent. Space will be created for ideas and concepts that come from African countries and provide solutions to the challenges of our time.

Made in Africa

Innovations, Concepts and Solutions for the Challenges of our Time

About the theme “Made in Africa”

How can the conditions and opportunities for African entrepreneurs be improved? How can their ideas be disseminated? What are the answers to the challenges of climate change? How can justice be created in questions of responsibility for climate change? What opportunities are created by technologisation and technological innovations such as space programmes? Does this succeed in reducing dependencies or does it threaten to do the opposite? How can educational systems be innovated with the means of our time? How can these too be freed from continuing dependencies? Are pan-African education projects helpful in this respect?


These questions and many more will occupy participants at the conference without forgetting a well mixe of cultural and informative programs from trained personnel.

Save the date:

The Model African Union Bayreuth Conference 2021 is going to take place from the 3rd to the 6th of June online! Stay tuned for more information about the first ever online BAYMAU Conference.

We are looking forward to this new experience together with you! Apply here as a delegate!

Get inspired by the video of our last Conference

The Model African Union Conference Bayreuth has developed in its fifth year of existence into a network and place of exchange between people who are at the centre of these ideas and innovations, who produce and reproduce them, young Africans, people from the African Diaspora, people related to issues around the African continent, entrepreneurs, activists and interested people. They all participate in this exchange of thoughts, experience and ideas every year. So there is nothing better than to open the doors and learn from each other. Parallel to that, having over 100 participants together with guests with particular ties to Africa and their well-versed knowledge to the said topic, will be a significant point to expand one horizon of understanding the African continent and its people.

Model African Union Bayreuth e.V. would like to thank the sponsors Africa Multiple Cluster of Excellence and Brot für die Welt for their outstanding support to make this Conference possible!

Africa Multiple

Brot für die Welt