Africa politicum

Africa Politicum (AP) emerged in January 2020 as an independent and a non-profit think-and-do tank with the primary objective of reflecting and speaking out on political, socio-economic, cultural and geopolitical issues and challenges related to Africa and its diaspora in a world in flux.

Institutional partners

Africa Multiple

The ‚Africa Multiple‘ cluster of Excellence seeks to realign Bayreuth’s African Studies focus area in close cooperation with Africa partner institutions. It will highlight the continental and transcontinental entanglements of cultural, linguistic, social, religious, political, economic, and ecological processes. The research conducted in the cluster will thus enable a more precise understanding of these processes.


The Bayreuth International Graduate School of African Studies (BIGSAS) brings together African and European academic networks and fosters partnership not only between the University of Bayreuth and its six Partner Universities in Africa, but also among universities in Africa. It provides training opportunities for doctoral researchers that are one of a kind in this field in Germany.


The Bachelor’s program African Development Studies in Geography (GEFA) deals with development processes in Africa from a geographical point of view in a professionally broad and regionally focused study course. The unique selling point of this Bachelor’s degree program is its positioning between geography and African studies as well as between physical geography and human geography.

Becoming a partner

How to become a partner of MAU Bayreuth:

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