Secretariat 2018

The Departments


Paula Bünger

B.A. Philosophy & Economics

Having participated as a delegate in last year´s conference, I got really inspired and caught by the unique atmosphere of a MAU Conference. Therefore, I decided to be part of the organization team and part of MAU for the Conference 2018. I am quite new in the association and as well in the context of simulation conferences like MAU, but having organized other events and my motivation for the topic help me to find the way. I am looking forward to the remaining time until the conference starts, which will be an intensive time of finalizing everything, and above all, to five “empowering” days with you all in May – See you in Bayreuth!

Deputy Chair

Erick Otieno

B.A. International Economics and Governance

Erick is in Bayreuth for an abroad semester and comes from an international university from Kenia. He is especially interested in the development of states in Sub-Sahara Africa. Participating at variuos conferences, he has already in-depth Knowledge on international policy. He even won the ‘Most Outstanding Delegate Award’ at the Model United Nations Conference at the UNO Headquarters in New York.

General Advisor 

Marvin Matheis

B.A. African Development Studies in Geography and Economics

As a founding member he is very much interested in sustaining the association “Model African Union Bayreuth e.V” as well as the Conference series “Model African Union Bayreuth”, so that there will be many more conferences to come. Therefore, I try to contribute to the improvement of processes, organizational learning and development and an institutionalization of BAYMAUs at the University of Bayreuth. They are the first series of conferences of this kind in Germany and in combination with the extraordinary Africa focus of the University of Bayreuth, he strongly believes that BAYMAUs still possess an huge yet untapped potential.

External Advisor

Fiona Faye

B.A. African Development Studies in Geography and Economics

Last year Fiona made our conference in April greener by creating our sustainability concept and thanks to her, we had a great movie evening in IWALEWA HAUS in October. While her bachelor degree is nearly finished, she is not present in Bayreuth anymore most of the time. Nevertheless she stays in contact with us and gives us helpful hints from time to time.

Comissioner for IT

Jan Strohmeier

B.A. Media Science & Practice

Mainly responsible for this Website, Jan works closely with the PR Department. He has a big passion for music, especially for African music. That’s why he is an active member of the Swahili Choir in Bayreuth, one of the first African related student choirs in Germany.

Comissioner for PR

Dagmar Kohlmeier

B.A. African Development Studies in Geography

Since Dagmar was always interested in politics, she participated in the European competition several times. And after spending one year in Tanzania and now studying African Development Studies in Geography at the University of Bayreuth, she is excited to be a part of the MAU organization team. As the commissioner of the PR department, she is responsible to organize the representation of the MAU Conference in the social media.

Godswill Enyinnaya

B.Sc Computer Science

Having participated in the previous MAU Bayreuth conference as a member of the PR Team. And past experience participating in various Model United Nations conferences as a delegate. Godswill brings a unique skill to MAU Bayreuth 2018, helping the department in our pursuit of EMPOWERMENT.

Miriam Steinmüller

B.A. African Development Studies in Geography

Miriam spent one year in Tanzania and sings also in the Swahili Choir in Bayreuth. Her dry humor provides relaxed atmosphere, while working in a team.

Jakob Frank

B.A. African Development Studies in Geography

Jakob spent one year in Ghana, doing his social service. That motivated him to engage in the organisation process of this years conference.

Comissioner for Admissions

Johanna Lukies

B.A. Philosophy & Economics

Johannas goal is to reach a big number of international delegates in order to make this year’s conference as diverse as possible. In 2017 she travelled with Paula to Tanzania and Ruanda which became one of the most memorable journeys of her life.

Tom Krusche

B.A. Philosophy & Economics

Tom did a voluntary social year in Ghana and worked there as a primary school teacher. The admissions department benefits from his conviviality.

Johanna Fock

B.A. Philosophy & Economics

I have some experience with organizing youth events but I haven´t been part of a conference like MAU before. Therefore, I´m really looking forward to an inspiring event. I like working behind the scenes, organizing stuff and keeping the admissions team in a happy mood.

Nora Teuma

B.A. Philosophy & Ecnomics

Nora participated in last years MAU conference and believes that it’s very important for youth to learn about and engage in politics which is why she appreciates the opportunites the MAU conference offers in this regard.

Jana Klose

B.A. International Economics & Development, and Culture & Society of Africa

Concerning the BAYMAU18 Conference, Jana looks forward to inspiring discussions and exchange with other participants about current political topics. She has a positive aura and sings in the Swahili Choir as well.

Department of Culture

Comissioner for Culture

Cécile Ndew Diouf

M.A. African Culture and Society

Cecile Diouf is the second president of MAU and I is working in the Culture Department for the conference. She really likes this Department and her tasks, because through the activities they are planning, they can help people get to know more about different aspects of African culture. During the conference, she would like to appeal for a dialogue of cultures.

Carolin de Schutter

B.A. African Development Studies in Geography

Carolin is very interested in different cultures and social topics. That’s why she spent one year in Uganda with the NGO Rukararwe, which has its focus on nature conservation and women empowerment.

Comissioner for Finance

Matthias Müller

Philosophy & Economics

Inspired as a delegate by last year’s MAU Conference and motivated by more formal MUN sessions, I am incentivized to enable a great Conference this year. I am convinced, that this astonishing Event is a valuable opportunity to start thinking about or make progress in your thinking about highly relevant topics, like what measures need to be taken to foster or secure peace; how does foreign economic behavior influence economic growth in Africa? What should we, respectively the African Union, do? It is an honor to be one of the leaders who organize that Conference and to learn many more things that are in parts connected to my studies about Philosophy and Economics. 

Julia Kammerloher

B.A. Philosophy & Economics

Julia is an experienced money-seeker who’s had the chance to develop a pleasure in the search for sponsors during various projects. After last year’s participation in the MAU17, the event’s spirit convinced her to organize a MAU at least as energetic as the times before.

Aziz Amadah

M.A. Languages-Interaction-Culture

Aziz is a very polite and nice Person, but can also be very serious, when it comes to business matters. As treasurer of the association he has the important task to control every investment and makes sure that the financial decisions of this department are in favor of the association.

Jonathan Michel

B.A. Philosophy & Economics

Having participated in the previous MAU Bayreuth conference and various Model United Nations conferences as a delegate, Jonathan is highly motivated to help organizing the MAU conference this year, through chairing the ECOSOCC and helping out in the finance department.

Comissioner for Logistics

Daniela Tost

M.A. African Culture and Society

Dani has been a delegate to the 2017 Model African Union Conference and recently joined the organization for the 2018 conference. She is studying Master’s program “African Culture and Society” and will be traveling to Ghana for a research this year.

Nora Teuma

B.A. Philosophy & Ecnomics

Nora participated in last years MAU conference and believes that it’s very important for youth to learn about and engage in politics which is why she appreciates the opportunites the MAU conference offers in this regard.

Ramona Antwi Abeyie

B.A. African Development Research in Geography

As a new member of model African Union, she looks forward to the opening ceremony of this years conference and is happy for anything she learns on her way, while working in the logistic team.

Comissioner for the Technical Workshops Committee

Hanza Diman, PhD Candidate at BIGSAS (for African History and Culture & Technology in Africa)

Beeing president of the association for two years, Hanza is the most experienced member of the Secretariat concerning MAU. As commissioner of the Technical-Workshops Committee, his task before and during the conference is simple but challenging. All guest Speakers and Workshop lecturers are under the responsability of the Team he is coordinating. In cooperation with BIGSAS and its workgroup African Union, they achieve this task in a very smooth and professional manner.

BIGSAS AU Workgroug

In order to guarantee good communication, Hanza, Yvette and Ghadafi are our interface between MAU and our main sponsor BGSAS.

Yvette Ngum, Junior Fellow at BIGSAS

Yvettes most recent Research Project is about Cultural dynamics and use of video in mediating Anglophone Cameroon Identity.

Ghadafi Saibu, Junior Fellow at BIGSAS

Ghadafi is currently doing Research on Political Parties, Violent Youth and Electoral Insecurity in countrys of sub-Sahara Africa.