Movie Night at Glashaus

At the end of December 2018, we organized a movie night thanks to the commitment and creative ideas of our association members. Narcisse Wandji, a director from Cameroon who already directed 12 short films, presented two of them at Glashaus Bayreuth:

Bazou, monde sans date, a short film about love which also had autobiographic elements and Walls, a story about corruption told by the fictional story of a director of a company who is accused of withdrawing money and needs to convince his own son, a lawyer, that he is innocent. Just as the audience, which filled the Glashaus, we really enjoyed these amazing movies and the following discussion about them with Narcisse Wandji.

Framing the short films, Luna Simao, pop and soul singer known by the Bundesvision Song Contest, provided an outstanding musical interlude together with singer and guitarist Elias Tebroke.