Founded in February 2015, the MAU Bayreuth held its first elections in May 2015, and from that point, started to specify the labour division within the association as well as to develop stable structures. As a result of raising interest the number of members increased exponentially since the foundation of the association.
On the democratic level our association includes three bodies: The General Assembly, the Board of Directors and the Departments. The General Assembly consist of all members with
the right to vote. It votes the Board of Directors and approves it into office. The Board of Di-rectors functions as a managing body. It consists of two Chairpersons, two Secretaries and a Treasurer. The Departments assist the Board of Directors executing different projects. There are departments for education, culture and sports and fundraising and cash management.
The primary purpose of our association is to host an annual MAU conference at the University of Bayreuth. Additionally, we would like to share our experiences and introduce MAU at other German Universities. Furthermore, we would like to reduce stereotypes and prejudices on Af-ricans and African politics. Therefore, we offer educational events with variating topics.